6. Nahum Simeon Cary PERKINS was born on 19 Jun 1824 in Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts. He was christened on 5 Sep 1824 in Brockton, Norfolk, Massachusetts. He died on 29 Apr 1896. He was buried in South Weymouth, Norfolk, Massachusetts. He has reference number RIN:450. !BIRTH:Town of Braintree, Mass.; Volume 3; P. 53; In the possession of
Richard S. Wilson.
BAPTISM: Early Families of Weymouth, MA; Pg. 458; FHL Book 974.47 D2c.
BIR-MAR-DEATH:Application for membership in the DAR; By Dora Perkins RIDGELY.
BIR-MARRIAGE:Rev. Jonas PERKINS, a family story; In the possession of Richard
S. Wilson.
BIR-MARRIAGE:History of North Bridgewater; FHL book #974.48/B1 H2kb.
BIR-MARRIAGE:Brockton Vital Records; FHL.
CENSUS: 1880; Huron, Ohio; E.D. 160; Page 2; Line 10.

He has a patient on a sewing machine, also the first girls Velocipede
(three wheel bike.) Patient number 7,929, dated 1 june, 1880.

PROBATE: Jonas Perkins of Braintree, clergyman, made his will 28 Sept 1863.
Therein he mentions his son Sidney, who is to have his library, and
his children Josiah, Jonas, and Rhoda and their Aunt Martha K. Reed,
his wife Rhoda K. Perkins, his son Josiah to have a staff transmitted
from my grandfather Josiah Perkins to my Uncle Mark Perkins and from
him to me, to be transmitted to some descendant of the name Perkins,
Jonas, son of my son Nahum Perkins. Proved 28 Dec. 1874. On that date
his heirs were Jonas R. Perkins of Brockton, and Rhoda K. Perkins,
widow, and his children Martha B. Loud, widow, of Braintree, Josiah
Perkins of Weymouth, NAHUM S. C. PERKINS of Norwalk, Ohio, Rhoda K.
Porter, wife of Joseph W. of Burlington. Me., and Sidney K. B. Perkins
of Glover, VT.; Norfolk Probate, 14300.

He was married to Mary S. Moon/ MOORE (daughter of MOORE) on 25 Nov 1845. Mary S. Moon/ MOORE was born on 25 Nov 1816 in of Providence, Providence, Rhode Island. She died on 10 Jan 1902. She has reference number RIN:451. !BIR-MAR-DEATH: Application to the DAR; by Dora Perkins RIDGELY; Her sirname
was MOON in this record.
!MARRIAGE: Rev. Jonas PERKINS, a family story; In the possession of Richard S.
Wilson; Her Sirname is MOON in this reference.
!History of North Bridgewater; FHL Book #974.48/B1 H2kb; In the possession of
Richard S. Wilson; Her sirname was MOORE in this reference.

PARENTS: Her parents were both born in Rhode Island.

2DO: Check 1850 census Nahum Simeon Cary PERKINS and Mary S. Moon/ MOORE had the following children:

child+9 i. Jonas Reynolds PERKINS.
child10 ii. Mary Anne PERKINS was born on 10 Jun 1848 in Truxton, Cortland, NY. (5) She has reference number RIN:452.
child11 iii. N. Sidney PERKINS was born on 6 Jun 1850 in Onondaga Valley, Onondaga, NY.(6) He has reference number RIN:453.

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