47. Charles Christian PHILLIPS was born on 7 Apr 1965 in , Orange, California. He has reference number RIN:524. !BIR-MARRIAGE: James William Scott Felder and Some of His Descendants, a family
story; In the possession of Richard Wilson.

He was married to Linda Marie LUCAS on 18 Jun 1988 in San Mateo, San Mateo, California. (92) Linda Marie LUCAS was born about 1969. !MARRIAGE: James William Scott Felder and some of His Descendants; A family
story; In the possession of Richard S. Wilson. Charles Christian PHILLIPS and Linda Marie LUCAS had the following children:

child57 i. Jeremy Justin PHILLIPS was born on 4 Nov 1990 in , San Diego, California. (93)
child58 ii. Melissa Mae PHILLIPS was born on 16 Nov 1993 in , San Diego, California. (94) She has reference number RIN:3077.

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