Genealogy Index for surnames beginning with B

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Baldwin, Thomas (--living--)
Barnett, George William (--living--)
Barnett, John William (6 JUN 1881-18 OCT 1946)
Barnett, Mary (--living--)
Barnett, Ruth (--living--)
Berg, Evelyn (3 JUN 1908-DEC 1991)
Binsor, Chloe Blanche (-)
Bond, William Joseph (8 FEB 1889-19 APR 1975)
Bowers, Walter C. (--living--)
Briggs, George F. (--living--)
Bryant, Jane Ann (2 MAR 1831-30 JUL 1898)
Burgess, Harriet Emma (3 JUL 1856-22 SEP 1912)

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