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Babbington(1), Bird(1), Bowers(1), Bowlden(1), Bradbury(1), Bradley(1), Briggs(1), Brown(1), Butcher(1), Callicott(1), Camp(1), Carter(1), Casper(1), Christensen(1), Collier(1), Cooke(9), Cooper(1), Craney(1), Crump(1), Dansie(3), Draper(14), Einalson(1), Emery(1), Fisher(1), Foster(1), Frandsen(1), Fretwell(4), Hall(1), Hanson(1), Harmsen(1), Heath(23), Henderson(1), Hill(1), Hillard(1), Horn(1), Hudson(1), Hulme(14), Johnston(1), Jones(1), Kelsey(1), Madsen(1), Markland(1), McDonald(1), McMurray(1), Myers(1), Nielson\Nilsson(1), Ostler(1), Pixton(1), Rushton(1), Silcock(21), Silcock\Silcox(1), Silcox(2), Silcox_(Silcock)(1), Smith(1), Sorensen(1), Taylor(1), West(1), Williams(1), Wilson(1), Woodhouse(1), (none)(2)
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