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I am now offering Web space for anyone to use for their genealogical or family history information. If paid annually it costs $2.95 for a very good Web space with your own control panel. Just go to Richard's Web Space Page.

These pages contain some of my personal family history, as well as many links to genealogical Web sites. I have previousy included a genealogical events calendar and an event deadline calendar, but I do not feel up to continue updating these pages.

I have been doing genealogical research since 1978, I have been working with personal computers since 1979. Over the years, I have been researching many of my personal family lines, as well as doing some paid research for others. In 2002 my health declined and I was not able to continue with my national lecturing. So now, I am trying to get more of my personal family history set up on the Internet and on my personal computer.

I also have written and published genealogy books as Compuology. These books are very out of date now. To see the books I have written go to Books.

I have made a few training videos as well, they can be accessed from the 123 Genealogy Web Site.
123 Genealogy Logo

I used to give genealogical lectures locally and nationally. But, as I said my health caused me to stop in 2003.

I have done an extensive comparison of the major Windows genealogy programs. I have made this comparison available online. I also have examples of the types of Web pages created by most of the commercial, freeware and shareware genealogy Web page creation programs.

I hope to update these pages soon, so please check back.
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Check out some of the Surnames in my Genealogy database.

The will of Zaccheus Wilson 1713-1795

Isaac Wilson (1747-1823) Database - A picture of Isaac Wilson.
Isaac Wilson's Database pages were created with Gene Stark's GED2HTML Program.

Richard Wilson's Pedigree
Richard Wilson's Pedigree was created using John Smith's GED2HTM Program.

Descendants of William DRAPER - 1650
The Descandants of William Draper was created using Leslie Howard's GED2WWW Program.

Descendants of Rev. Jonas PERKINS
The Jonas PERKINS database was created using Family Origins 5.0 (Their last version was 10, it is now discontinued).

James William Scott FELDER (1812- ? ) and his known descendants.
This family history was created by the Family Gathering program, it became the Ultimate Family Tree program, then it was discontinued. It includes many old photographs as well as some newer color photographs.

Carol Loden Wilson's Ancestors
This is my wifes family history, it was created by the Legacy Family Tree program. It includes some photographs.

Some related family lines, including Draper, Heath, Hulme, Perkins and Silcock

Visit the Whittier Area Genealogical Society (WAGS) & Web Page

Visit the Southern California Chapter, Association of Professional Genealogists Page

Visit the California Genealogy California USGenWeb Project Page. I have been State Coordinator of this project since 1996.

Check out some Other Areas on the Internet I Find Useful

Try out my new (May 8, 2008) search engine, for all of my Family History pages.
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Search 19.9 million cemetery records at by entering a surname and clicking search:

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For comments or suggestions about these pages, e-mail: richardswilson at gmail.com
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